вид турбазы в Горном Алтае

Mountain Altae

- One of the Fun Rogers' Bukht and a new base of rest in Gorn Altai, which makes you comfortable living in Altaye with the kids.
When you call us, you'll get a full consultation of your choice. Altai recreational facilities♪ By booking our number, you will be able to get a residence in the Mountain Altai with convenience and comfort.

The Buchta Fun Roger Recreation Base is located at the very border of the Altai province and the Republic of Altai.
Our hotel is located on the central street of the famous tourists in the village of Aya, on the beach of the beauty of Katun.
Lake Aya is close, literally 3-5 minutes driving on a car.
For those who want to rest on our leisure base, we're offering the Lux and Pollux numbers from the Altai Cedre.
Every hotel room has a fridge, a TV and an electric kettle. All the rooms in our hotel with the Conveniences, the bathroom, the hot waters are in every room.
There is a free-of-charge video surveillance vehicle near our turbase located on the shore in Gorn Alta. A big conversation on Katuni's shore will help you enjoy the stunning species of Alta, and a great time.
The Russian bath on Altae will clear your system from the city's elusiveness, and can get you back to normal life.

Feeding for the guests of the recreational base in Altaa, Bukta Vejo Rodger, is proposed at the café located on the base. Also for self-preparation, there are kitchens in Lux.
For Pollux numbers, there is a public kitchen in the area.

Your neighbors will be able to buy natural products, wooden eggs, milk, creativity, cheese, ears, and seasonal vegetables. The summer vacation in Gorno Altaai is the opportunity to try the real Altai honey and beekeeping products.

The Buchta Fun Roger Recreation Base offers a family vacation of the average price range in Altaye in Aya village.
Our target audience is families with children who want a quiet family vacation in Alta. Our clients' return rate is 80 per cent.
Our animation team won't leave you and your child indifferent, and you won't come back to us for a rest in Gorn Alta.

We've got a lot to do in Alta with little kids and extraterrestrial recreation. Every night on the coast of Katuni, you have the opportunity to rent horses or take a walk. The Altai recreation base, with the conveniences of the Fun Roger, can rent you a mountain bike.

Catuni's alloys can be counted as a payload of Mount Althai. They are designed for people with different levels of training. The values of the surrounding landscape are organically supplemented by unfamiliar moments of self-care for noble animals, joint bathing and recreation in Gorn Alta.

Our new rest base in the Mountain Alta. situated in Lake Aya (Aya village),

in a quiet, cozy place. On the shore of R. Katun, has access to the Ai Plaju (not to confuse with Lake Yi).

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