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Recreation Cartels

Historians and ethnographics, as well as tourists, have long been regarded as " the best pearl " . And there's every reason for that definition. In recent years, more travelers have opted to visit these amazing northern places.

The western border of Karelia is also the western border of the Russian Federation with Finland. However, the nature of Karelia has a far more perverted and self-exceeding face than neighbouring European Finland.

The remarkable shape of the Karelia is determined by a large number of clean lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams that feed vast areas of relict marshmallows and surprisingly mixed northern latitude forests.

The minimum man-made load has preserved the natural uniqueness of the region. It's only here that you can see a handful of skilled nearp, a white-fly or a brown ear. A large number of representatives of the cartel flora and fauna are included in the Red Book. There are now two natural reserves and three national parks in the territory of Kareliyah: Kivach and Kostokhinik, Vodloserski, Panayarvi and Kalala Park.

The history of Karelia is reflected in the remarkable monasteries of the north of Russia, Valaam and Kigi.

The richness of the carel land consists of stunning northern forests with specially dense wood, fish stocks, peat and minerals such as iron ore, rare earth metals, gold and silver. It is not by chance that Carelia Petr I chose the base for the construction of the fleet and the manufacture of armaments.

What's interesting to see in Carelia?

The world ' s well-known values of Karelia are the Valaam and the Solovek monasteries and Kigi. A huge number of tourists are attracted to old villagers - Sheltosero, Corza and...

Climat in Carelia.

Karelia has developed in high northern latitudes, but the proximity of Baltics and Golfsima has a tremendous impact on climate. Specific hill-based terrain is also classified as climatic. From the east and north, high hills close access to the peninsula of cold Arctic masses and winds, maintaining a special microclimate.

The winter in Carelia is usually multi-snowledged and quite severe in January and February. Light day is very short. In December, the wind from Antilantics prevails, with heavy clouds and draught. The mean winter temperature is -10 - 25 degrees. The snow in Carelia is on average up to 160 days a year.

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