Отдых в Карелии летом

Rolling In Summer

Those who love nature are offered to go to Carelia. An animal count with a lot of rivers and lakes will conquer you with beauty. Experimental tours to Karelia from Moscow, order at the right time. It is possible to visit interesting sites, including the Kigi Reserve, where more than 80 unique wooden monuments are represented. After your visit, you'll have no question of what to see in Carelia.
The Karelia experiments are offered, and very much Extreme species recreational activities, such as those on rafts where thousands of tourists come every year. All kinds of entertainment won't cause problems with where to go to Carelia. I want to personally assess the pervasive beauty of the province. Carelia, Moscow tours The region can be found at very attractive prices.

Petrozavodsk - Condopoga - Girvas - Kivac - Kigi - (3 days / 2 nights)

The tour of Carelia is a journey to a beautiful end, famous for its great nature. Numerous rivers, waterfalls and lakes, wonderful fishermen, magnificent species, dense steam forests, painting rocks, many wild animals. A lot of people come here to visit famous Kigi, Solovki and Valaam Island.

The Queenie Confessor Museum receives many visitors each year. There were 89 amazing pieces of wooden architecture under the open sky.

Tours to Carelia in summer may include alloys along river and lake routes and unusually rich " quiet hunting " - the collection of mushrooms and berries. Traditionally, during the summer season, there are many rafting fans, water tourism of different levels of complexity. In winter, not only skis and snows can be skied, but also safaris on dog or reindeer hides.

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