туризма» и региональным

Rossi Tourism Information

Honourable colleagues!

We inform you that the Federal Tourism Agency is working to update the data for the current year and to establish the content of the " National calendar of events " for 2016, which will include the most important activities for the development of domestic and entry tourism in the Russian Federation.

In this regard, we request that information be prepared in accordance with the most significant annual events in November-December 2015 and planned for 2016 (not more than 10 events) in the territory of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation with a unique historical, cultural, educational, sports and other nature, as well as the tourist attraction of interregional, national or international significance.

The decision to include the event in the Calendar will be based on an assessment of the consistency of activitieseligibility criteria

Please send an e-mail address, no later than 26 October this year (doc or open Office) kua@ , copy - gov@nbcrs.org.

For each event, it is also necessary to send between 2 and 5 photographs in the format of .jpg (at least 300 dpi).

In addition to the Calendar ' s main catalogue, it is planned to establish a general catalogue of tourist attractions for further dissemination to market participants (tellers, tourist information centres, tourists, etc.). To this end, it is necessary to register before 26 October in the gov.nbcrs.org system to provide information to the system. If a regional calendar of events is maintained in the region, please provide a reference to this resource in the text of the response indicating the possibility of using the material from the resource in the national calendar of events.

At the same time, please indicate in the text of the reply the contact details (FIO, position, telephone, e-mail) of the official responsible for the interaction on this issue.

Contact person from Rosturism - Cousin Yulia Alexandrovna, Tel: +7 495 607 78 91, +7 926 939 94 20,

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