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More than 1,3,000 Turkish hotels on the coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea were marketed and the Istanbul Today’s Zaman newspaper was reported the other day. The main causes of the tourist collapse are, in the opinion of the publication, the deterioration of the security situation in the country and the deepening political crisis with Russia.

Turkey ' s tourist industry is now one of the worst periods in its history. The economy, which had recently contributed about $24 billion annually, was now on the brink of bankruptcy. The most affected were the hotels of Antalya, the traditional place of rest of the Russians. The resort hotels are piling plates with For Sale. According to the Istanbul publication, 410 tourism facilities were sold in Antalya. Other Turkish resorts do not lag behind this antirecord rating: Mugla (349), Izmir (203), Aydin (162), Balikesir (139), Chanakkale (35) and Denizli (20). The total value of the Antarctic real property sold is approximately 30 billion Turkish lire ($10, 115 billion), while the remaining 908 hotels are estimated at 8, 8 billion ($2, 97 billion).

Turkey ' s tourist properties have lost attractiveness to their owners, primarily because of the lack of Russian tourists. " The revenues of our tourists who visit Turkey are very significant. Turkey itself estimates that this amount amounts to about $10 billion annually.” RIA News stated earlier by the head of Rosturism Oleg Safonov.

Every year, more than 4 million Russian tourists came to Turkey, most of whom were staying in the hotels of Antalya. After the imposition of sanctions on guests from Russia, which means that the income they make is likely to be forgotten. " Specifically, Russia will not send around 4, 5 million tourists -- about $4, 5 billion in losses " -- quotes the Today’s Zaman newspaper as Chairman of the Association of Tourism Enterprises and Hotels of the Ega Sea of Mehmet Ischler region.

In a conversation with the correspondent Today’s Zaman, the owner of one of the hotels Antalya Abdurahman Karamanlaoglu complained that many hotels on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean were on the verge of bankruptcy. Reason - No from Russiawhich has previously imposed a number of sanctions against Turkey, including in the field of tourism.

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