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Rest + work for students abroad
The work for students in the Agro-Programme provides an opportunity to undergo training or international experience in agriculture. It's not just an extra summer's salary, "did" for future careers, but it's also an opportunity to study the country of internships and get a great rest!

Spring, summer, fall

The sea is in its pocket!
Rest in Tuapse is not just a painting Black Sea coast with the seas and huge beaches, but also a large number of natural sights, some of which are over 100 million years old! But a very pleasant price-quality ratio!
City of exit: St. Petersburg (or any other)
Duration: any
Date of departure: regular

941 shirts.

Crime adventures for the most active youth! Tracking on the Crimean Mountains + rest at sea.
City of exit: St. Petersburg et al.
Duration: 8 and 15 days
Marsrut: Simferopol - Bik Yanka - Chatyr - Dag - Kisil Koba - Demirji - Dolina - Privide - Feodosia
You're going to have an unforgettable adventure in the Crimean Mountains, a visit to the paintings of the heart of three, Sporto 82, Chelsea from Capuqin Boulevard, Headless Horse, etc. After an active gambling part for you, recreation at sea, communication and entertainment programmes.

15,483 rubles.

Travel on horses to the Caucasus Mountains
City of departure: St. Petersburg et al.
Duration: 6 days/5 nights (possibly more days)
Travel dates: regular
You're going to have a fascinating journey on the streets of Sochi, visiting unique places and sights. ♪ ♪

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