Весна на плато Укок - Горный

The Mountain Alta Of The Photos

Горящие туры из НовосибирскаThis collection of the sights of Mountain Althai will allow your vacation to be planned in an ideal way, in Gorno Alta, you can see the most unusual places. Waterfalls, mountains, temples, cathedrals are only a small part that embodies a multi-year history and of the Mountain Altai culture

The descriptions and pictures of the sights of Mount Althai will determine what to visit at the beginning of the trip so as not to forget and possibly even return there again, but at the end, if time and strength remain. It's not paradoxical, it takes a lot of energy.

On the map (at the beginning of the list), you will also be able to find all the interesting virtues and even plan your individual route. It's not that hard to make your own tour program. If you choose the most interesting places of Mountain Althai in advance, you can boldly travel on the most exciting journey without resorting to agency services.

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