Выездной туризм демонстрирует


" Prior to this, the biggest decline in tourism was in the 1998 crisis by 24.4 per cent. The negative trend was also noted in 2014, by 4 per cent, in 2009 by 15.5 per cent, in 2001 by 6.5 per cent, in 1999 by 15.6 per cent. That's the fall of the exit. 2015 " The representative of the Russian Union of Irina Türin Industry explained the most significant in the past 18 years. "

Turkey and Egypt remained leaders in the market. According to her, it was those areas that had lost the least tourists from Russia than other countries.

Turkey lost 19 per cent, with 6 per cent growth in 2014, Egypt 28 per cent (34 per cent growth in 2014). Tourism flows declined in Indonesia (96.6 per cent), Tunisia (83 per cent), Dominica (82.5 per cent), Mexico (66.5 per cent). Of the European countries, Greece lost the most tourists by 48 per cent.

" In Europe, Montenegro has the most stable position, losing only 7 per cent of the Russian turpot. It may be helpful in the status of the only invisible direction on the Mediterranean coast " , quoted by the Turin Agency.

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