Лучшие места для отдыха

Best Places For Rossi Tourism

For such people, Russia is an unlimited field of research, because in the largest country of the world, there are many amazing and beautiful places to visit. Days.Ru's got a set of directions where the best thing to do is go to campers.

Altai is a mysterious magical place, duped by ancient myths and people's legends. It's an amazing natural glory that you won't find anywhere else on Earth. Almost every mountain, every river has its history, one time you'll never see or hear, so you can come back here again and again.

What to do is to engage in a rafting, to visit the remnants of the settlements and the vestiges of the ancients, to climb on the stars or to study caves, to walk on horses, to go to the eco-tour on wild, virginally clean, virtually untouched civilization places.

How to get: a plane to Barnaul, Gorno-Altaiska, Novosibirsk.

Minimum budget: 17,000 roubles per person in 9 days without counting the road.

Baikal, the deepest and clean lake of the planet, is a distinct Russian tourist brand. The virgin purity of nature, the kinds that want to be remembered forever, and the moisture of magic and power all attract many tourists from different ends of the world.

What to do is bathe in cold Baikal waters and sniff into warm thermal sources, wed treatment muds, go to the ashes and see the sources, rivers, waterfalls, wild beaches; take a water walk, see the real Baikalian mudss, and the famous Shaman Ocampus.

How do we get a plane to Irkutsk or Ulaan Uday?

Minimum budget: 20,000 roubles per person for 7 days without counting the road.

The luxury south sun, the negligible sea smooth, mountain ranges and the magnificent night sky filled with stars. And it's all about Crimea, which isn't just for the resort-and-walking rest, but also for the fascinating pawns. Most local paths are similar along and across, but there are so many that you can always open something new.

What to do is to grieve the mountain top, spend the night in the open sky tent, drink water from a whole source, sell the best Crimean wines, visit the cave city, take a rainbow at dawn, see many canyons, waterfalls and many ancient sights.

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