Достопримечательности городов

Charity Of Cities

Historical monuments of the ancestral Russian architecture and of the people ' s rivers centres have been maintained in many cities and villages in the central part of Russia, within the borders of the ancient Russian State.

The Golden Ring includes eight to nine major cities through which the main cities pass. Travel routes♪ These routes are followed not only by Russian but also by foreign tourists. Among them: Moscow, Sergiyev Posada, Pereslav-Zales, Rostov Velliki, Jaroslavl, Kostrom, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir. Each of these cities was of great importance in ancient and historical periods, as evidenced by the vast number of historical monuments (strengths, monasteries, temples, etc.). Some of them (Sudal, Rostov Great) are real open museums and have excellent tourism infrastructure.

The Golden Ring sometimes includes other localities in the Jaroslav, Kostrom, Ivanovsky, Vladimir, Moscow and Twer regions. The Silver ring (cities north and north-west of traditional routes) is also provided. The following are the human settlements of the central part of Russia, which have preserved the historical heritage or which have been important in history. The list will be updated as new information becomes available.

Historical areas:

Silver ring

Moscow and Podmoskovje:

To Podmoskov, it is accepted that not only the localities of the Moscow region, but also some of those located behind its borders. That is, settlements that could have been taken from Moscow in one day (150-200 km) before.


All historical cities in central Russia, located on the shores of Volga, belong to the Volga.

Silver ring:

This includes cities and villages north and north-west of traditional routes along the Golden Ring. The Silver ring includes the Russian north (Worological and Kostrom oblast), as well as the territory of the former Novgorod and Pskovian Principality (nor-west of Tveri).


These are the settlements located east of Podmoskovya, excluding the Volga. The territory of the former Vladimir and Ryazan Rusi.


Cities and villages south and south-west of Podmoskovia. During the reunification of Russian lands, these settlements were mainly border crossings.

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