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Child Tourism

Child Rest in Russia is the most interesting thing in Russia. Compilation of the best copy materials on Russia.

Children's health is the most important thing for parents. That is why the issue of children ' s rest in Russia is not irrelevant. Moreover, children ' s leisure is also a priority of the State ' s social policy. It is no secret that State and municipal organizations of children ' s leisure in Russia have become private as the services provided, and private individuals are unable to provide mass rest for young citizens of Russia. But modern State programmes for children ' s leisure in Russia, as well as socially targeted private projects, are designed to alleviate the situation.

The most promising project for children ' s leisure in Russia is the network of creative camps called the Children ' s Line. The project involves an innovative approach to child recreation. Statistics show that many parents would like to send a child to a children ' s camp without finding suitable options. It's not just finance, it's just a lack of organizations with favourable rest conditions. The concept of " Children ' s Days " was designed to address the problem of mass child recreation in Russia. In fact, this is an unprecedented project, based on unique working methods with children, aimed at unlocking their internal capacities.

The most promising child project Russian Federation They call the network of the children ' s creative camps. The project involves an innovative approach to child recreation.

The first network camp in Borodino will be known as SELO. The camp infrastructure involves parks, concert halls, galleries, museums, etc. Children between 9 and 15 years of age, including children with disabilities, will be able to attend the camp.

Every RF entity has a Mother and Child programme, whereby a child and one parent have the opportunity to go to a sanatorium-court facility.

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