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Достопримечательности Земли РусскойMoscow Creml is a known historical and artistic monument. Most of historians, architects and artefacts give the ensemble of the Moscow Cremble to the palm of the originality of the other historic monuments of modern Russia.

Moscow Kreml is located in the centre of Moscow, in the merger of Moscow River with the Neglin River, on a high hill. All ensemble monuments have been created for centuries.Башни Московского Кремля The authors were Russian and foreign zhods, who worked in different styles, so the constructions involved the eastern and western elements of the architecture.

Many constructions have been lost as a result of wars, fires, historical and social disasters. However, this has not affected the greatness and integrity of the whole ensemble. N.M. Karamzin, the first hetoric of the Russian State, called Moscow Kreml “local of our historical memory of the company”.

Кутафья башняIn the second half of the 13th century, the silicon became a residence for the Prince of Moscow and was built from the oak. During the Great Prince of Dmitri Donsky's time, the wooden cream was replaced by a white stone from here and the name Moscow was white.

By re-establishing Moscow Cremlin as a fortification, the first thought was not about architectural decorations, but functionality and necessity. In addition to the main fortress walls and siege towers, pre-emptive structures were built to guard entry into the fortress.Петровская башня So far, there's only one such warning tower, Kutafya. It's in front of the Trotsky Bridge.

Raised it in the old tower in 1516. Directed her in the construction, like the Trotsky Bridge, known to Russi by a Milan architect specializing in the fortification facilities of Aloise Fryazin. On the one hand, the tower was surrounded by deep cuts and, on the other hand, by the Neglin River, which made this tower a dangerous and reliable guard and defensive structure. That's why in the mid-century, when this tower was built, the building was rather inaccurate and low. There were only two battle longlines without a coating, but the upper core was filled with hinged fighters.

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