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"We thought we'd go after New Year's in the coming countries, Finland, Estonia, but something says it's not gonna work out. Tickets and on-site costs are already running low. We're probably not going anywhere, we're gonna sit here," he says.

After Dmitri, the same thing could be repeated by millions of Russians. Productive inflation in the country has already exceeded 11 per cent and hits the most pain in its pocket, and the first spending items that go under the knife are traditional recreation and tourism.

Three days on crossing

In 2012, the Russians spent 8.1 per cent of their total expenses on recreation and tourism, which is two or five times more than in 2000, and the Director of the Independent Social Policy Institute, Lily Ovcharov.

In 2013, it continues to decline, again due to economic stagnation.

Image copyright AP Image caption after difficulties on the Kerchen crossing in summer 2014, many Rossiians look for recreation in Crimea without previous enthusiasm

"In the last 20 years of Russian mobile tourism, this season is the heaviest," is said by the director of the largest Russian tour operator TEZ Tour Vladimir Kaganer.

Compared to last year, the demand for tour fell at least twice, he notes. In some areas, in particular South-East Asia tours, programmes have been reduced by 50 per cent. There is a small influx of people who wish to rest in Egypt, but there is also an increase of 2 to 3 per cent.

Of those who still intend to rest, most choose to benefit budget hotels. As a result, the average check for the new year's tour falls.

In the last 20 years of Russian Travel tourism This season is the heaviest Vladimir Kaganer, Director of the TEZ Tour Tour

The first signs of a crisis in the industry emerged in the summer, when one after another began to disrupt tourist companies. In a few months, some 20 large Russian tour operators had fled, and more than 150,000 Russians had suffered.

There is a growing demand for domestic tourism, but it is unlikely that they will fully replace foreign recreation in the near future.

"We know for sure that those who spent three days on a crossing to Crimea in the summer would no longer go there under such conditions. The red field in Sochi is already overcrowded, and there's a lot of waiting on the lifts, and the prices have tried to rise. Importantly, we are often more likely to travel across the country than to travel abroad, which lists the shortcomings of Kaganer ' s internal tourism.

Car as a means of saving

The second line of expenditure, which in difficult times is sacrificed in the stability of the family budget, is the acquisition of personal transport.

Image copyright PA Image caption Russia became less likely to buy cars in 2014

In 10 months this year, 2,2 million light and light trucks were sold in the country, almost 12 per cent less than in the same period last year.

The auto-credit market, which has been in love with the middle class in recent years, is also being contracted. According to the National Credit Stories Bureau, 392, 4,000 automobiles were received in the first six months of 2014, 18.8 per cent less than the previous year.

Auto-credit rates are rising, borrower requirements are tightened. All this is due to the crisis in the economy of the country, Azat Timerhanov, the leading analyst of the Autostat Agency.
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