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фото 7 чудес россии собор василия блаженногоHumanity has long been tied to figure 7, almost from the very fabric of the world: 7 days, 7 rainbows, 7 notes... It's not surprising that the ancient miracles of light were 7: Piramida Giza, Alexandria lighthouse, Cemiramida Viscier gardens, Zeus Statue in Olympia, Artemida Temple in Efez, Mavsolay in Galicarnas and Colos Rodosski.

In general, cultural traditions are a thing that is particularly stable, and hence it has evolved: mankind has periodically defined new 7 miracles, 7 wonders of nature, one of Bulgaria, the entire Old Light. It is not surprising that in 2007 the idea of finding 7 miracles in Russia came to the head of our creative public.

мамаев курган 7 чудес россииThe project was carried out by Rossia, the newspaper Izvestya and Radio Mayak. Initially, seven of the seven federal districts of the Russian Federation were marked on a human court. Three months were voting through the Internet and sms-communications, which resulted in the announcement of 14 finalists.

Among the 14 finalists, along with Petergof and Sobor Vasili Blajenny, our Below City creml was also present.фото 7 чудес россии петергоф Indeed, he did not enter the final list of seven wonders of Russia, but he was certainly close.

  • Distance from Lower: 422 km.
  • About five hours on the train, about an hour on the plane.
  • How to get to Sobor Vasili Blajnny: any mode of transport to Moscow, in Moscow, by any mode of transport to the Red Plazadi (to explain it quite silly, just remember that the nearest to the Red Plaza is a subway station, a hunting block).
фото 7 чудес столбы выветривания

Foreigners link the Temple of Vasili Blajen with Russia as solid as the Eiffel Tower with France or Statue Freedom with the United States. The truth is ours. priority There's a significant difference - she's much older than her foreign collectors.

The temple was built in the sixteenth century on the orders of Ivan Grozny, who decided to build the most magnificent church in Moscow in the whole of Russi in honor of Kazani. The headquarters of the capital of the Kansan Khanty took place during the holiday of the Holy Mother of God, and the temple was named after him. In the temple people, the Church of the Blood on the mouth.

фото эльбрус 7 чудес россии фото байкал 7 чудес россии
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