Туры выходного дня по Золотому


Президент России Владимир Путин после погружения на батискафе к затонувшему древнему суднуThere is something paradoxical that the meeting on tourism development in Crimea took place in Simferopol: the region ' s administrative capital is perhaps the least attractive of all the cities of the peninsula, which was so highly valued by tourists during the USSR. Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin chose him to describe a set of measures to restore the tourism sector, which fell in deep stagnation following the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in spring 2014. The number of tourists declined by a third in the year, from 6 to 4 million.

The main reason for this decline in interest in Crimea was geopolitical tensions in the region, as well as the embargo of Ukraine and Europe. If the Ukrainians had 60 per cent of the guests of the peninsula before the annexation, they don't go there anymore.

The rubber collapse since December 2014 could trigger the flow of tourists from abroad, making travel cheaper for them. However, according to the Brussels specialists, the Ukrainian crisis has reversed the positive effect of scareing potential tourists. There are other factors in the volatile situation in connection with the fighting in the eastern part of Ukraine: foreign bank cards are not accepted, visas are difficult to obtain, and it will be necessary to travel through Russia. In the current tense atmosphere, Crimean travel agents are trying to concentrate on the Russian market. According to Le Monde sources, there are no foreign tourists left in Crimea.

Nature and history

The Russian authorities launched an urgent development campaign Tourismwhich must compensate for the absence of foreign guests. Assistant Vladimir Putin Igor Levitin called the Crimea a blind beauty with rich nature and history. In Kremla, he believed that he should play the same role for citizens as during the Soviet Union.

As early as 24 March 2014, a few after the annexation, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev stated that the Government would provide financial support to the Rossians who would decide to take leave to Crimea. In particular, he spoke of the organization of cheap flights from the country. In addition, public enterprises were encouraged to invite staff to take leave and even take part of the costs.

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