Путеводитель по России:

Rossy Guide


Zda-ro-va mu-zhih-ki! Great, guys. Chto a-baz-na-cha-it slo-va pup? What does the word " pop " mean? Kak pi-shiht-sa Pu-tin? How do you spell "Putin"? Va-shih pla-nih u-sta-nav-lye-ni-ya mi-ra-vo-va kan-trol-ya zhal-ka-ya il-yu-zi-ya Your plans for world control are a pathetic illusion. Mozh-na zdes’ pa-kar-mit’ rib-yon-ka grud-yu? Can I feed the baby in here? Ga-zuyt-ye, pa-zhal-sta! Grab it, please! V af-to-bus-ye nyet tu-al-ye-ta! There's no toilet on the bus! Ya ish-yu chto-ni-bud’ Pav-la Ka-shi-na I'm looking for Paul Kashin. Ya zhih-vu v Mask-vye, ya nye bu-du pla-tit’ tak mno-ga! I live in Moscow, I won't pay so much. Kho-chish’, ya zdye-la-yu tib-ye ma-sash? You want me to give you a massage? My nas-mat-rye-lis’ tserk-vyey We've seen the churches. Ga-va-rya o su-ma-shed-shikh, ska-zhiht-ye, is ka-koy psikh-bal-nit-sih a-ni vas vih-tash-chi-li? Speaking of crazy people, tell me what kind of mental hospital they took you out of? Oh, ka-ka-ya va-la-ki-ta! Oh, what a fiber. Ab-yi-vit-ye, pa-zhal-sta, kag-da mih pad-ye-dim k Ma-ga-da-nu Please, when we're on our way to Magadan. Min-ya tash-nit! I'm sick! Raz-ve e-ta zhihzn’? Is this life? Gd’e my? Where are we?

Policies in Russia

Moscow was so concerned about its own status, which would rightly call it a bourgeois city. Perhaps the well-being of the Moscow is due to their complete apolitical nature. While the Orange Revolution and the Roz Revolution are raging in the neighbourhood, the Russians are living calmly and watching Putin introduce censorship and abolish their right to choose government. Moscow appears to be more concerned about new restaurants than discussing new rules of life.

Young Vladimir Putin spent his youth playing streets in Petersburg: his family lived at Baskov, 12.

In the second half of the 1980s, as a young man, Putin was recruiting potential spies in the West. Obsessed patriotism, he always defended the special services of Soviet times and said, " I will never read a book written by a non-returned man who betrayed Rodina " . In 1989 (soonly after the fall of the Berlin Wall), Putin returned to Leningrad and soon served as Deputy Mayor. He deserved the name of Stasy for a great temper and dedication.

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