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Rossy List

  • Museum and modern art gallery of Erart

Herarta, the largest international project in the field of Russian modern art, is part of the compulsory programme of familiarization with Russia ' s culture. St. Petersburg has a five-story building of 10,000...

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  • Pskovsky Crom (Creml)

Pskovsky Crom (Creml) is a cult, historical, architectural and grading centre of Pskov. It's a high mouse when the River Pskov enters the Great. The language settlement has been marked by archaeologists since mid-1,000. ♪ ♪

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  • Dombay.

Dombay is a mountain territory in Karachaevo-Cherksia in the Quani River Basin in the North Caucasus. From here onwards, 65 km to the Elbrous summit and 60 km to the Black Sea coast.

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  • Vasugan swamps

The Vasugan marshes are the largest marshes in the North Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world, located in Western Siberia, between Obi and Irtysh. The main territory of the Vassugan marsh is located in the Tom region, parts... ♪

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  • Champagne.

The Kazan Ambrosia Women ' s Desert Shamordino is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Saint Rusi, between the old cities of Kaluga and Kosel.

  • Church of Archangel Michael

The Orthodox Church of Arkhangela Mikhail was built during the rule of Davod Ristoslavić (1180-1197). In the temple until the middle of the twentieth century, there was a tomb of Prince David.

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  • Curgan immortality

"Monument-Curgan Besmortalia, in memory of the beatings of Hitler warriors, guerrillas and undergrounders on the Smole Earth, that's exactly what the name of the historic and cultural monument that's spreading. ♪

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  • Heroes 1812

The tourists have the highest interest in the heroic monument of 1812, which is located in the centre of Smolensk at the fortress wall on the ale of heroes. An eagle memorial is what the city's people call it.

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  • Abraamiev monastery

Abraamiev Monastery is one of the oldest structures of this kind in Smolenska and Russia as a whole. A unique historic architectural monument was founded in the thirteenth century, on the spot of several churches that were wounded. ♪

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