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Where To Rest In The Altai Province

Altai province is a popular destination for tourists. All information about the Altai Krai is provided: photographs, weather, interesting places and facts.

The Altai region deteriorated in the south-eastern part of Western Siberia on the border with Asia and nearly 3,500 kilometres from the capital of Russia, Moscow. The Krai will announce two areas, Novosibirsk in the north and Kemeroska in the east, and two Republics, Kazakhstan in the west and Altaem in the south-east.

Area occupied: 168,000 km2

The Altai province is a natural treasure.

First, it presents almost all possible natural areas: plains, mountains, steps and stacks.

Secondly, the vast majority of water resources. There are 17,000 rivers (!), the largest of which are rumoured by almost every Rossian - Katun, Ob, Bia, Charash and others. Plus, there are 13 lakes in the Territory, the largest of which, Kulundin, covers over 700 km2.

Thirdly, there is an enormous accumulation of minerals (including very rare ones) and many unique mineral deposits and treatment muds.

Fourthly, the diversity of the Altai landscapes contributes to livelihoods species of animals and plants♪ There are more than 320 species and more than 90 species of mammals alone! With regard to plants, forests account for almost one third of the total area of the province.

Climat here is moderately continental. The mountain ranges don't protect the edge from the Asian and Arctic air masses, so the winds have a strong influence on weather. It is convenient for travellers that if they come here in the summer, it is warm (air temperature is warmed up to +28°C) and if winters are sought, real colds are found (average temperature of January - 24°C). There are rare surges in one direction, the thermometer column may rise up to +42°C (years) or fall to -50°C ( winter).

The Altai Territory attracts tourists for a year. The winter travelers are rushing to the snow mountain tops. Many have a tradition to celebrate here. New Year and Christmas. In the rest of the year, people are attracted to active natural recreation as well as sanatorium treatment. The coup season lasts from June to September.

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