где можно отдохнуть на Байкале

Where To Rest On The Bike

Хакусы. Фото с сайта The coast of the northern part of Baikal is sandy little water beaches, so the water can warm up to 24 degrees. In the North-Baycal region of Buryatia, about 19 mineral sources with different water composition. The hottest of them, Kotelnikovsky, is close to the lake, with a water temperature of 81 degrees. There are two pools, open and under the roof. Water of fluoride-hydrocarbon sodium with mineralization. It's not recommended to drink, but it's suitable for a bath. There's a tourbase on the Cape. There's no road on land here, summer can be reached on water, and late winter and early spring on Baikal's ice. You can also get on a helicopter.

Another source is Goudjackit. Found 25 kilometers from North Baikalska, there's a casket every day. The water temperature in the open basin is about 45 degrees, and it is suitable for drinking. Several locations in the source area rest with good numbers and a big pool. Besides, there's a skiing launch and a lift. (Bichal's files. Popular launcher, Visa Publications Group

Изображение «Яндекс.Карты»Also near the city is the thermal source Dzelinda - 92 kilometers from North Baikalska in the Upper Angara. The water of sulphate-hydrocarbon sodium, there is a weak smell of hydrogen sulphide, a temperature of about 44 degrees. There is a well-established base with three basins, as well as a " wild " source where water is slightly hotter. A railway platform is located 1.5 kilometres from Dzelinda, from which an asphalted road passes. You can also get on a car from North Baikalsk or a train.

Another local mineral source is Hacusa. The resort is located on the opposite bank from North Baycalska. Water of hydrocarbonate-sulphate-natry composition with low alkali reaction, temperature of about 47 degrees. The analhom is the resort of Goryachinsk in the Pribaykali district of the Republic of Buryatia and the resort of Kuldur in the Far East. In summer, a boat can be accessed from the Nizhneangarsk station; a boat can also be ordered in North Baykalsk on an air pillow. We can get in a car on the ice of the lake.

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