Медвежий угол летом

Altai Rest In Summer

Отдых на Алтае со скидкамиWho are we?

We are a round-the-clock recreational base located in the Altai painting corner on the very bank of the Katun River, specializing in a quiet family vacation with children of any age and working year round.

Where are we going?

Our base is located in a quiet place exactly 8 kilometres from the new Ai bridge on the left bank of Katuni.

Онлайн бронирование, описание шагов и условийWhat's the difference?

We have 18 numbers. Of these, 6 are the hatch numbers on the first line at the water, 8 are half-lux numbers and 4 class economists over the tower and café.

What's the matter?

We pay special attention. Predominates the Russian kitchen. In addition to comprehensive meals, you can choose the scheduled meals from the big list, from the house bread from the Russian furnace to the baran, which is all tandium.

What can you say?

Altai is a beautiful mountain country with a rich history. When you get back from the tours and alloys, you can study the environs of the base in a quadrocycle, horse or bicycle, make a shuffle, play tennis.




100% TOTAL














10 days




3-D Panoramas



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