Сплав на байдарках по реке

Baidar Alloys

Rafting is non-indigenous river thresholds, unexpected stitches and rollers. This is the real paradise for the adrenaline hunters. This kind of rest is so popular because you can try your powers here all the time. Unforgettable impressions will be a long time for your consciousness. Rafting is often recommended for family or corporate rest, fishing.

Raft alloys belong to one of the most popular types of water tourism. Drilling river thresholds, overcrowds and shivars are attracted by real adrenaline booths and just dynamic travellers.

Carelia river alloys is characterized by a large number of plumbing sites, so motors are used to generate dynamics. And on Altai, on the other hand, the movement is very dynamic and practically neostaneous.

The simplest and most popular form of rafting is the Shuya River alloy in Carelia. The river is small, has three categories of difficulty. He's been admitted for eight years. Also, Shuya is very popular with clients buying corporate tours.

It's a little more difficult to walk through the river of Ochta. The thresholds 3-4 of the complexity category, a very beautiful and interesting version of the alloy is suitable for the more experienced " waters " .

There are more complex options for rafting. The real mountain rivers are waiting for their conquering, with the thresholds 4 to 5 of the hardship category: in Baikal, there are alloys on Irkut and Oka Sian and in Altae on Katuni and Chu. For real athletes, we offer the most extreme rivers: Bashhaus, Chulychman, Arguth et al.

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