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Health Tourism Objectives

Россия может стать медицинской державойThe country ' s entry tourism market has grown dramatically

The crisis has made Russia more attractive in terms of medical tourism, and last year its market in our country grew by 21 per cent. And while we are mainly driven from a dipped-up relationship and mainly to commercial clinics, experts call a positive trend.

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According to the global service for treatment around the world, MEDIGO estimates that at least 7 million people travel every year for treatment or combine recreation. Such statistics are due to the volume of search requests, the traffic on the site and the internal research of the health tourism market.

The World Health Association predicts that in a few years, health tourism will be one of the major industries in the world economy. KPMG estimates that the medical tourism industry will be estimated at $32,5 billion per year in 2019. Other estimates indicate that turnover is now between $55 billion and $60 billion a year. According to IMTJ, between 6 million and 10 million people in the world travel every year for treatment to other countries.

Medical tourism It's not the first century. In the nineteenth century, middle-class representatives from Europe were able to travel " to water " , believed to have a healing and rebuilding effect. During the twentieth century, there was another trend: patients from countries with poorly developed medicine began to go to Europe, America and so on.

But everything flows, everything changes. And the current medical tourism is very different from the past. New trends have emerged. Thus, if people from developed countries go to developing countries for low-cost health care or to accelerate the treatment that is available in their place of residence only in order of priority, tourists from developing countries are looking for improved health services in developed countries.

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