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Отдых в Горном Алтае — каталог баз отдыха, цены, онлайн заказThere's no place on Russia's map like Altai. A well-established natural complex with solar days and clean air is perfect for winter and summer rest. Of course. Altai summer rest offers more opportunities: alloys on mountain rivers, cyclings and footpaths, end tours, etc. That's why a lot of people choose summer time. During a period of special tourist activity (years, weekends), places should be booked in advance.

The nature of Altai is unique: the extraordinary beauty of the trans-shipments and the sunshine of the mountains, the purest waterfalls and springs, the empty and twisted rivers, the fairy tale, the grass. The power and beauty of Altai is in the popular tales, many artists have done the theme of the alta simplicity in their work, giving birth to the canvass of an exquisite paint festival and a vivid deception.

Numerous tourist complexes and recreational bases in Gorn Altaye make this vice and mysterious end accessible to all.

There are currently more than 350 Turks, hotels, housewives and campings in the territory of Mountain Altai, which provide comfort and interesting recreation. Most of the rest bases take tourists for a year. Cold and nuanced, active and extreme is all winter rest in Mountain Alta.

The lake is located in a tectonic boiler in the north-east of Gorny Althai, in the Torochak and Ulagan regions. The lake is surrounded by mountain ridges from all directions, reaching a height of 2,500 m. By clean water, Teletsko is often compared with Baikal (transparence to 12-15 metres). Numerous waterfalls and caves, bays surrounded by a puzzle of rocks, an infinite natural landscape!

Multiple recreational bases located off the coast of Katuni offer tourists a variety of entertainment: sand beaches, bars and cafes, discotheques and show-to-days, sports games (badminton, volleyball, basketball), walking and final walks, guided tours, alloys. The extremists will have to taste tarzanc on the Cheala GEC.

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