азовское море где лучше

It's Better To Rest In The Roses

Горное озеро на Алтае


Amazing Siberian landscapes, mountains, lakes and rivers are one of the best places for those who love beauty and romance. And one of the worst compensators of comfort. Altai ' s hotel and transport infrastructure is developing quite quickly, but only walks to the most beautiful and wildest places and sleeps are likely to have to be in the tent.


Good season. Travel to Altai May to September. The winter here lasts from November to April and only in May the mountains begins the real spring. The May holidays may be still cold, but the rivers will be full-water and the waterfalls will be presented in all their colors. It's all in Alta in July, but at this time and the most rainy. The freezes are already increasing in September, and mountains may not be comfortable.

To see

The most famous waterfalls are Kamadinsky and Korbu. The Kasmanian waterfall can be accessed in a car, the Corbou is less accessible, not only by water transport from the Lake of Tele, but also by prior permission to visit.

Мыс Бурхан на острове Ольхон, Байкал, Россия- one of the most vivid places in Altaya. We can only get to him in the ashes, but the landscape is definitely worth it. A little closer to civilization is the Karakoll lakes, and they can even reach the jeep.

The highest peak of Altai is the crowned snow cap of Mount Bellah. It's also a popular mountain of Sinjah, to which the Orthodox pilgrimage is committed against Trinity. And of course, Altai is a fisherman. There's a great trout and a sherry.

How to get

The simplest way to travel on Altaia is to join one of the many copy tours. They're ends or ashes from a couple of days to two weeks. There are also combination tours in which some of the journeys go on horses or cars, then go on rivers and walk somewhere. There are pure road tours, but it's expensive and, in general, more than a box. It's impossible to enjoy the beauty of nature through the dusty window of the car. And the cheapest way to travel is, of course, self-conscious.

Кижи на Онежском озере, Карелия, Россия Никитский монастырь в Переславле-Залесском
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