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Sergei Mironov ' s position on the Russian Federation ' s Sports Tourism Federation regarding the tragedy in Syamoser

Chairman of the Party RUSSION, the head of the RS faction in Gosduma, the President of the Federation of Sports Tourism of Russia, Sergei Mironov, expressed the position of the FSTR on the tragedy of Symoser on 18 June:

♪ Sports Federation Russian Federation - a leading Russian public organization covering all types of modern sports tourism. The Federation is accumulating the development of these areas over 120 years of history.

The tragedy of 18 June 2016 at Symoser in Kareliyah, when 14 children were killed, was in pain in the hearts of all Russian residents. On behalf of the dozens of thousands of members of the Federation of Sports Tourism, Russia has extended condolences to the families and loved ones who have died.

But together with the family and close tragedies in Symoser, the most important thing was the professional, tourist sportsmen who perceived what happened as if they survived it there, on the water of the lake, in all the subtle, understanding the depths of the terrible event. In this regard, the FSTD sets out its position on the subject. It was not a legal inquiry in terms of Russian legislation and was not involved in a formal investigation conducted by the competent competent State bodies concerned, but reflected the knowledge of sports tourism professionals who could fully assess the most important factors that had led to the disaster.

The available data available to the Federation show:

The very fact that a group of recreational groups at Camp 51, including 47 children and only 4 adults, have entered the water of Soyum is not within the minimum framework of a logical understanding of the pedagogical, educational and even human situation. This is a case of total irresponsibility, absolutely unprofessional action;

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