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Тренер на тактических занятияхThere's not much to be done in the Russian Federation, but our country can be proud of the personnel they're producing. As sport is one of the areas in which Russia has nothing to do with the best world powers.

Special features of education

There are many specific differences in higher sports education and in comparison with most of the rest of higher education. Not only is it not because they have a significant share of time and power in their physical culture. The main difference is the training programme for those who, at the end of the vase, are to teach their peers to jump above their heads. Sports are most likely to come at a very young age. And the way the coach of these boys and girls turns up depends on whether they'll grow up by ordinary people, or by the new Alexanders, the Karelina and the Helena Isinbaev.

In the area of sports training, the number of sports profiling is up to 30 in a single university in leading universities. From spread and mass football and hockey, to much less rare species: kiokushinkai-karate and parachute sports.

In addition, according to the requirements of the new GEF, sporting education plans contain:

  • Humanitarian/social/economic cycle (with hours of history, economic theory, foreign language, psychology, etc.);
  • Natural science cycle (portive natural science bases of physical.culture and sport, metrology, informatics, etc.);
  • Professional cycle (human biochemistry, anatomy, physical management. Culture and sports, theory and methodology of sports chosen by a student, massage, treatment gymnastics, etc.).


Of the 25 universities (including their subsidiaries), for which physical culture and sport are the only profiling, as well as the 48 other institutions of higher education where sports faculties operate, the best is not only those whose walls are the largest number of known record players and their coaches. But those who have raised the world ' s most famous sports doctors have contributed to the mass spread of sports tourism or have produced teaching and teaching literature that has helped to promote healthy lifestyles in our country.

In this case, the palm of the initial presence in TOP 10 will have to be given:

These ties have already raised and released hundreds of doctors of science from their walls, known trainers, current NHL team players, Pieter Zenita, World Championships and many others known in the world of sports.

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