Отдых в России в 2015 году

Where To Rest In The Summer Of 2015


Rest to Crimea has always been popular, but over the past year, his popularity has grown several times, the more important is that the only ground-based transport vehicle with a semi-mortem is the Kerchen crossing, on which the Russian tourists stood three days in the summer of 2014, of course, those who decided to travel on Crimea on their private vehicles. In 2015, the number of ferry boats in Kerchi promised to double to unload the crossing. It can help if the storm doesn't happen. In early April 2015, a strong cyclone overwhelmed the Crimean peninsula and a part of the Black Sea coast of Russia, from which the Kerchensk crossing worked with interruptions. So it's hardly possible to avoid the fortress on the way to Crimea.

Those on the bus have the advantage of the rest of the cars and the Kerchensk crossings without waiting. But the way to Crimea isn't even close. 'Cause we have to get to Port Caucasus first, where the ferry goes to Kerchi, and then Kerchi will still be on a bus to Yalta or Feodosia. There's still a single ticket that's sold in all the Russian cassettes, but it's basically just a single ticket for the same three vehicles - a train - a ferry - a bus. The only advantage of him is that when you're late for transport, you're gonna get a ticket, which you don't think can be achieved if you get a separate ticket.

It's easier and less expensive to use a semi-semi-stral airline. So get yourself a plane ticket to Simferople, it'll take 3 hours out of Moscow, but don't forget, the price of tickets is almost doubled during the season, so the cost of flying to Simferopol and back to the summer months is about 20,000 roubles.

In Crimea, they're going to follow the beach rest, but the beauty of the peninsula is so diverse that many are wheeled all over the coast, so it's better to take care of and book hotel rooms all along your route.

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