Зимний отдых на Алтае

Winter Rest On The Altar

# Prophex Students # Let's meet

PROFSOUS is a voluntary, self-governing, non-profit, membership-based social association of students.

Objective of PROFSOWA: To protect students ' rights, to represent interests, to create favourable conditions of study and residence, to organize cultural and mass events, sports and recreational activities.
To make your stay at our university the most favourable, interesting, safe and unforgettable.

Okay! You're a NSA student. Go ahead with those "student years, the most unforgettable years?" That's where you're meeting the Union of NSA students.

What exactly does the Trade Union and Professor do?

- Interaction with the authorities at all levels, the deanates, the rectorate, the scientist council, etc.
Social support for students: material, legal, psychological and human assistance to students,
Students ' health: mites insurance, polys DMS, sanatorium
Student employment: We find and offer you the most interesting and safe employment options.
- The development of student sports and the promotion of healthy lifestyles: sports festivals, competitions, discounts on phithanes, donations, etc.
- Organizing cultural mass events: a huge list of holidays, evenings, competitions and pranks, from small to very large.
- Organizing summer and winter rest for students: joint trips to Altai and Sheregesh, recreation at attractive prices.
- Monitoring compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on higher education in the NSA: timeliness of scholarships, orphan ' s allowances, legal transfer, social support, transfer, suspension of the army and much other.
- Student dormitories: settlement, repair, equipment, monitoring of living standards, etc.
Support for young families: new year ' s gifts, family holidays, material assistance.
- Price and quality control in student canteens.
- A large number of discounts, free tickets, goods and services.
- Student information support: all new, important and interesting, we already know and tell you about it.
- personal development: asset schools, forums in which anyone can participate.

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