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Baikal Food For 2015

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Self-reliance on Baikal with routes, contacts and prices

The article addresses all the main issues of concern to travellers, how to get to see where to stop? Travel schedules and budget estimates for each route are provided.


Extreme routes and active recreation in Baikal

Fascinating alloys on mountain rivers, bikers, diving, cycling, mountain climbing, jeeping, jeeping, jeeping, mountain skiing will give you a burning fight of the indignation of the Siberian nature.


Children ' s summer health and thematic camps

It is easy to solve the problem of our children ' s time during the summer season if we send our favorite Chad to the Baikal Children ' s Camp, which will give the child positive emotions, new friends and good health.


Educational and environmental tourism in the Baikal Reserves

активный отдых на байкалеIn the protected areas, not only was the original beauty of the unique flora and fauna of Baikal, but all necessary conditions had been created for the organized and comfortable stay of tourists in Baikal.


Treatment and recreation and resort treatment

All conditions for recreational recreation have been created in Baikal.детский отдых на байкале Owing to special climatic conditions and energy, recreation in the Baykal sanatoriums has a healing effect on the organism by restraining it.


The fall on Baikal is the time of photographers, mushrooms and romantics. We'll look at the most interesting places to go to the family during the fall holidays and weekends, and we'll have to take the camera.


Tours on Baikal and Hyde routes on Pribaykaliju

The guided tours and tours in Baikal, with the participation of the guide, will allow us to learn, within a limited time, virtually everything about the lake ' s sights, to penetrate its legends and to drink the spirit of Baikal.

Self-sustaining Baikal route, contact and prices

Extreme routes and active recreation in Baikal

экологический туризм лечебный отдых дикарем на байкал экологический туризм
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