Baikal Rest House

Places are limited! Just ten seats!
2 st. - 11 st. 2016 (10 days, 9 nights)

Shumak is a place to visit every man!

What's that?
Shumak is mineral sources at a height of 1558 m, one of Siberia's most mysterious places, unique nature. It's called "Malem Tibet."
During our journey, you will have unwritten beauty: mountain peaks, alpine grasses and waterfalls. You will be struck by the untouched nature of the powerful East Sayana, which has been preserved in its original form, because of its remoteness and its difficult access.

People talk about the special energy of this place. Everyone who's been to Shumaca is literally transforming. In these places, not only the body is healed, but the soul. Legends are laid on the treatment properties of noise waters. There's a spectacle starting to see, and the crutches coming back without them. They say that a lot of people have cure cancer here, with no children, after visiting these sacred sites, there are children. That's where the power and wisdom of the great Chingishan came from.

Everyone who's been here will always remember the remarkable impressions of this extraordinary corner of the planet.

Why do you want to go to school?
1. To test one of the best impressions in life (we guarantee this);
2. Check yourself for strength, overcome internal barriers, make personal progress;
3. To be away from civilization (only with himself and his thoughts);
4. To strengthen your own spirit and health.

What's the matter with you?
- painted carts,
- Forest lakes, waterfalls and rivers,
- mountain landscapes,
- Over 100 target sources,
- clean mountain air
- sacred places.
- To meet the most interesting people (the people on the path are good and welcome,
- rest and dinner at the fire,
- a meeting of amazing dawn and sunset.

Tour programme:
- 1 day. Transfer from Ulaan Udeh to Kyren;
- 2-4 days. The way to Shumak;
- 4-7 days. Rest on Shumaca;
- 7-9 days. Back to Kyren;
- 10 days. Transfer from Kyren to Ulan Ud.

The tour will take place on the condition that at least 7 participants are recruited.
Tour cost: 20,000 roubles.

Value included:
1. The transfer of Ulan-Udee, p. Kyren, Ulan-Udee;
2. The guide (professional salvation);
3. Products and meals

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