активный отдых на байкале

Baikal Summer Rest

Price: 4,890 roubles per day per person

Planned in the new building. Dress numbers for those who prefer to rest with comfort. Every terrace number with a painting view.

The summer vacation in Baikal 2016 is the best solution for those who long wanted to visit the great lake. Put the number on the Little Maury Tourbase down here is the warmest bays and bays and a lot of recreational options.

In the view of experts in recreational arts, this year a large part of the Russians prefer to rest within their home State by opening up all new places. On the one hand, it's right because such a journey is more profitable. On the other hand, there are plenty of places in our country that can affect the imagination of the most tempted traveller. One such proposal for a more detailed meeting with Russia could be summer Baikalthe organization of which the team of our leisure base will be hosting.

Let us consider together the advantages of staying on the Chara that our guest can expect. Only before we ask anyone who gathered in the summer at Baikal to see the most useful and relevant database information.

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