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The small sea is a strait between the mainland and the island of Olhon. One of the most accessible and favorite places of recreation not only of the local population but also of tourists from all regions of Russia.

In fact, the small sea is allocated all the water space from Cape Hobo (northern end of Olhona) to the Shara Togot village (Chernorud). Although the small sea itself begins as a strait after the Sarma village, since it is against Sarma that the Olhon Gate is the narrowest (about 1km) between the southern end of Olhon and the mainland. It is through this strait that the ferry crossings to the island.

In front of Shara Togot (P.Chernorud) there is a swelling: left on the west coast (where the Rangcho LAGUNA turbaza) and right to the island of Olhon to the MRS plant (which is very simple - Mechanized fishing station). It's nothing, but there's a kind of brand from the Soviet time. It's a Burundian name for the Sahurte village. So the lights and baths have to go a few kilometres to the next bay. The popularity of the IRS is due to the permanent bus service with the Irkutsk and ferry-boat to Olhon Island.

The most warm (up to +24°) and therefore the most visited areas of the small sea are the Kurkut Bay and the Muhor Bay, which means " Tupik " in translation from the Buryatsk. These are marshmallows, small-sea closed bays, flooded to the land of the adjacent territory. Although the temperatures in these bays are not fundamentally higher (1-2°) than in the Straits of the Small Sea, the most part-time tourists on the shore are located in these areas. Base, tent on the tent, permanent holiday (music, children, vodka, etc.) and no peace. Water can be accessed through the territory rest and wild tourist heads. To get to the more beautiful and calm places, we have to climb north along the western coast of the Sarmin Valley.

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