где лучше отдыхать на Байкале

It's Better To Rest On The Bike

I'd like to see you. TOURs. EXPENDITURE

The rest on Baikal will cost a lot less if:

1 - To deal with summer leave in advance.

2 - Buy a ticket for a merchandise or a mile plane (October, November February and March). As a matter of fact, the cheaper.

3 - Armour the tour prior to the season at the NAYATRIEVEL-Baykal tour operator

Oh, my God. There's so much to be heard, there's not a single book. The man was in a hurry when Baikal was seen, because he didn't fit in his performance: Baikal wasn't in a place where something like this might have been, it wasn't exactly where it could have been, and it was acting on its per capita other than the usual " plain " nature. It was something special, unusual and exceptional.”
V. G. Rasputin, (1990)

Rest on Baikal

Coming up, Baikal, rest. It is desirable to plan about one or two weeks. The distances in Baikal are long enough (from 250 to 600 km) and therefore moves around the day. Rest in Baikal We can use our services on our own, and we can use our services without overpayment. The main features of Lake Baikal are: the town of Listyanca (where to plan for recreation on tourbs and hotels, to visit the Baikal Museum), the Circumpo Railway (Baykal tours and turbations tourbs), the island of Olhon and the small sea (these tourbs, natural tours).

You can plan your Bikes differently. On the boats, on foot, in the car and other options.

We propose cruises along the Baikal itself on the boats, both well-built and comfortable. A lot of booths that the boats take and offer a fishing boat. But it's a more expensive vacation.

In recent years, it has been more demanding to become a tour of the company, developed jointly with West-East Baikal tourists. Tourists like the combination of turbaz vacations with excursions to nature monuments. This year, at the request of tourists, a tour of the Circuit Railway was added to the programme. Almost everyone wants to visit the island of Olhon, but I would like to point out that there are many people on the island during the summer season, but more proposals. If you're enjoying a calm rest, of course, planning better for the fall period. The fall time on Baikal is considered beautiful, even though it's cold at night, but the warm days will come to you.

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