На Байкале из-за лесного

Quort Baikal

гора соболинаяDuring the spring- winter rest season in Baikal, there are strong impressions of the beauty of the surrounding snow landscapes and filled with drama from active activities. Probably the most popular winter object when you mention active. Baikal - This is the largest Gora Sobolina mining resort in Eastern Siberia, located near the town of Baikalska, in the northern slope of the same mountain.

Many amateurs of active recreation and mining drama every year are looking forward to the coming of winter so that they can enjoy the great catastrophe and the great scenes of winter Baikal during the launch.

baikalskGora Sobolina belongs to the Hamar-Daban Ridge, which lasted 250 kilometres along Baikal from Kultuk to the Embassy Sor.

There are 11 passes on the resort, with a total length of about 16 km. Every weekend, there's up to 3,5,000 extremists from all Russia who missed a snow fight.

The important feature of Gora Sobolina is its openness, accessibility and convenience for skiers of any degree of training. Everyone here will find a tasteful entertainment.курорт байкальск You can walk on this resort by enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the magnificent mountains and shining Baikal's ice fields, and you can go through the steep slopes, raising the cloud of snow dust on the corners from which the spirit is seized. There are plenty of space for family couples with children (they have training slopes and turbines) and youth companies choosing extreme routes.

The resort offers health programmes in its own treatment centre, either of the restors will always be able to use the full range of additional services - SPA Centre, sauna, pool, sports halls are always open.

The Baikal Mountain resort, the Gora Sobolina, today is a network of certified tracks and lifts, trained trainers and skilled patrols, a run-up of mining and sno-board equipment and storage, a sports store, a parking lot, a ski bar network and restaurants. The capacity of the mining complex today exceeds 3,500 people per day.

The pervasive species for the entire southern end of Baikal from the height of the avian flight and 16 km of trass of varying degrees of complexity are complemented by a large number of places where it is possible to spend a few days of rest with family and friends.

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