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БайкальскStart your vacation on Baikal from choosing where he's going. If you're not suited to the proposed programmes, you can always contact any of our managers, and he'll calculate the individual travel program and write the relevant trips to Baikal. Yeah, it's not cheap to rest on Baikal, but the impressions are priceless! I'm gonna need you to meet the tourists' memo, don't forget to take pictures of the video equipment and good moods, believe me, there's something in Bikela to see!

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Summer and winter tours on Baikal: Peel, horse, automobile, combined tours, snow tours and dogs - total tours on Baikal to any taste and wallet. Choose a winter or summer tour on Baikal, and you will remain satisfied not only with the beauty of the lake, but also with Siberian hospitality.

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Listigian is a tourist settlement near the lake of Baikal, which can be visited. Found a Lithuanian in 40 minutes from Irkutsk on a flat, asphalted road. Resting in Baikal in Listyanca, don't forget to visit the fish and souvenir markets, as well as the Baikal Museum and the nerpine.

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The BWC is a railway built in 1902-1904 along the Baikal. It's a one-day tour.2700p/person for first class() Be on a comfortable roll bus, with stops, walks and interesting stories from the hydes.

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The small sea is beautiful species on wild, open Baikal. There are many tourbs in the small sea area, both near the Baykal coast and in a small distance (15 minutes to walk to water). On the small sea tourbs, you can choose. ♪ ♪

Круизы по Байкалу Поселок Листвянка на Байкале Кругобайкальская железная дорога (КБЖД) Малое Море (Байкал)
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