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Rossi Budget Tourism

Russia has entered the top budget list for tourists from the United Arab Emirates on the Gulf News newspaper. The publication prepared a rating of the best tourist bids for the long weekends of the Id al-Fitr holiday (Uraza Bayram). Georgia, Azerbaijan, India and Sri Lanka were also included in the top five recommended areas.

Journalists note that cost flights to Russia between $328 and $410, and three nights in the hotel will cost an average of $320, 5. OAE and Russia link direct flights of both Russian and Eritrean airlines.

The countries of the Middle East are considered to be a promising region in terms of attracting foreign tourists to Russia. In Dubai, the national office of VisitRussia is working to promote Russia as a tourist destination throughout the Middle East region.

"Russia can now offer good recreational opportunities at affordable prices. The Middle East is a promising region, and we are working to make it easier for Muslim tourists to rest in Russia. In particular, a number of facilities are implementing the HalalFriendly system, which involves the adaptation of tourist infrastructure for such travellers. We are convinced that the mutual flow between Russia and the countries of the Middle East, including the OAE, will increase, and believe that the leader of Rosturism Oleg Safontov.

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