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The head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Oleg Safonov, participated in the meeting of the Bureau of the State Council on the Development of Inland Waterways in the Russian Federation.

One of the issues raised by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, before the meeting was to encourage the further development of river cruise tourism.

The topic is very relevant: the 2016 tourist season was marked by an increased demand for Russian tourism and an increase in domestic turpot (an estimated increase of about 15 per cent per annum), but in order to develop cruises, the most stable way of travel, which re-elected the largest number of citizens, the existing restrictions must be removed.

Above all, the state of waterways and current problems, such as the limb of the Volga River, need to be improved in order to resume the courseing of ships along the route from Moscow and St. Petersburg towards the southern regions of Russia.

Measures should also be taken to realize the potential of entry cruise tourism. The creation of an enabling environment to attract cruise tourists from abroad to Russia has an important economic dimension: tourist operators estimate that each foreign traveller spends at least 1,200 euros per week on the Russian Federation. The improvement of the visa regime will contribute to the growth of the entrance flow.bJbsXi0jxg8.jpg World practice proves that any simplification of visa formalities increases the number of tourists in a specific direction by at least 20 to 30 per cent.

There are currently 72 hours of visa-free stay of foreign cruise tourists arriving in Russia through large sea ports such as St. Petersburg, Vladivostock and others. There is also a practice of group security in Russia for Chinese tourists.

However, there is also a need to provide for a visa-free stay in the territory of the Russian Federation (up to 15 days) of foreign nationals who have travelled to Russia through the airports of cities, the largest river tourist centres (Kazan, Rostov, etc.) for further travel on Russian rivers.

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