спортивного туризма России

Rossia Of Sports Tourism

Youth/girls age group 16-18:
1. Dovgan Valery, Tyre district;
2. Aleksa Manulik, Taimar district;
3. Kaspirovic Alexander, Kansk;
4. Anne's Beast, solar;
5. Rajova Angelina, Emelianov district;
6. Goncharenko Andrei, POW Zelenogorsk;
7. Kutoueva Karina, Tyre district;
8. Yaptune Valeria, Tymmar district.

Adults/girls - 10-13 years:
1. Balutkin Ivan, Zhelenogorsk;
2. Bairashev Mikhail, Minusinsk;
3. Danish Morozovel, Emelianov district;
4. Zarudko Ivan, Minusinsk;
5. Sémenova Cristina, ZOOBA Sunny;
During the competitions, in addition to the official opening and closing exercises, participants attended a rally at the Lembovo station for heroes, attended seminars on modern tourist equipment and the features of its use on distances in sports tourism, as well as guided tours in St Petersburg. Thus, the competition data were not only a test of their achievements in sports tourism, but also allowed them to learn more about the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad.
As a result of the competition, the Krasnoyarski prefabricated team took 1 and 3 seats on the " Specialist and Liaison Mission " , which provided 3 general commands on the subject.
We congratulate all members of the team, they have presented the Krasnoyarsk region with dignity. Congratulate the teaching coaches whose children are part of the team of the Krasnoyar province and take the prize seats!

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