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Когда откроют Египет, новости сегодня, 20 июня: туристы из России ждут полетовThe Egyptian track continues to be inaccessible to Russian tourists, who look forward to the moment when the pyramid country reopens its doors. They're getting high-level services on a fairly acceptable basis. Alternatives are considered weak for a number of objective reasons.

The question of the resumption of flights is being discussed at the highest level. The authorities of Russia and Egypt have expressed mutual interest in continuing cooperation in the field of tourism, while Russian tourists have already waited for the moment when the situation is over. It is expected that the resumption of flights from Russia to Egypt will be near the end of summer 2016.

The decision to resume flights from the Russian Federation to Egypt had involved both the provision of additional security for Egyptian airports and the purchase of Russian 20 passenger transport aircraft. An additional 20 aircraft will be acquired from the Russian side after direct airlines between States resume. In addition, the civilian planes of Sukhogo plan to place 50 aircraft in Egypt, namely the Egyptian Leisure Company.

Egypt had for a long time denied the security problems of its airports, but had been aware of the losses that the country had suffered as a result of the suspension of flights from Russia, and had begun to fully modernize its aircraft. As a result, in the shortest possible time, it has established state-of-the-art security systems that have yet to be tested by Russian specialists. In the event of a positive conclusion, tourists from Russia are expected to return to such a beloved Egypt in summer 2016. No one will now call more specific deadlines.

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