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Where We Can Rest In The Roses In Summer

The journey to Russia, whether tours to Sochi, to rest in Crimea or to travel to St. Petersburg, is always new discoveries of the home country and knowledge of itself through familiarity with the cultures of different peoples. This is a unique opportunity to cross several natural zones, dozens of regions and many different towns in the car, train, plane or heating. However, after the fall of the Iron Gear of the Russians, everyone as one began to seek rest abroad. This voyage has not passed until today, because everyone dreams of beach rest in Europe, south-east Asia, a visit to European and mountainous alpine resorts. But is it true that the largest country in the world with such a variety of climate zones, cultural characteristics and an irrepetuable national collorite cannot offer the same as expensive foreign resorts?

Of course he can. And most importantly, the cost of rest in Russia is less than that, so that any Rossian can enjoy the beauty and service of his homeland. There are many positive sides. Russian Federation♪ Among them, the possibility of unhindered movement, visas and overflights. Besides, there won't be a language barrier, because you'll be understood at any point in the country.

Not so many warm seas wore our country's territory, but even the most demanding beaches can find perfect resorts for themselves. Typically, the resting Russians prefer the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. The scattered cities of Sochi, Tuapse, Gelendžik, Anapá continue to be popular. Among those who love quiet beach rest without fuss, the Azov track is popular. This is where the sea heats very quickly at the expense of its small depth, and the beach season is starting in May. Eisk, St. Blue, Doljan Cos is the towns on the Azov coast that will gladly accept you where you will be comfortable and warm.

Since recently, Crimea has been waiting for Russian guests. In 2015, you can rest very well in Crimean resorts, where the quality of the service does not fall to the best European cities, and the prices are much lower. It's time for the summer tours to pay off with an incredible speed.

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