Года китайского туризма в

Year Of Chinese Tourism

Old Year Chinese tourism in Russia

The Russian-Chinese tourism exchange is now at a very high level: it was only last year that Podnesbeski had visited 1,3 million Rossians, and it was noted by Vladimir Putin at the solemn opening of the Year of Chinese Tourism in Russia, which was held on Friday in the Kremlev Palace. In turn, the Chairman of the PRC, Sy Jinpin, emphasized that, last year, China had become the second supplier of foreign tourists to Russia, with only Germany.

We will recall that the Year of Chinese Tourism is taking place within the framework of cross-years between our countries. Last year, the Year of Russian Tourism in China was stagnant. The main achievement of its practical achievement, according to the Russian Ambassador in China, Sergei Rasov, was the increase in the flow of Chinese tourists to our country. As a result of the Year of Russian Tourism in China, the number of Chinese tourists arriving in Russia increased by 46%, noted Sergei Razov.

By comparison, in the past 10 years, the average growth rate among our countries has been 9.6 per cent per year. The geography of tours has increased: Travellers from the CPD have begun to travel not only along traditional routes to Moscow, Petersburg and Baykal, but also to many other regions of Russia.

Given China ' s huge tourist reserves, the potential for increasing interest in our country has not been exhausted. It is hoped that this year ' s effort to promote Russian tour products into the Chinese market will only increase. Official Beijing forecasts the annual volume of bilateral tourism exchanges to reach 5 million by 2015.

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