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Current Status Of Rossi Tourism Development

The article deals with the current state of Russian tourism. The author is studying problems in the internal tourism sector, the reasons for its lack of development, the status of mobile tourism, and forecasts changes in the Russian tourism structure for 2015.

Keywordstourism, economic functions, political conflicts.

Tourism is an important source of any country ' s capital. With the development of society, the socio-economic importance of the industry is increasing. Tourism has a major impact on the economy of the country, on the social and humanitarian foundations, and on tourism statistics depends on the work of many firms. There are several important economic functions in this area: the function of income generation, the productive function, the function of employment generation, the function of regional specialization, the function of GDP-building.

The long-term socio-economic development concept of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020 emphasizes that tourism is a economically viable and environmentally sound sector of the national economy, a significant element of the country ' s innovative development [6].

Russia has many cultural, historical values and values, and it is possible to develop different types of internal and entry tourism: scientific, religious, sports, guided tour, etc. The country ' s natural wealth is at the 4th place and the world cultural heritage sites are on the 13th. As a result of data published by the World Economic Forum, Russia ranked 64 out of 124 participants in 2008, ranked 53 out of 133 States in 2009, 59 out of 139 countries in 2011, while Russia was 64 out of 140 participants in 2013 [1]. Thus, from 2008 to 2013, the Russian tourism sector remained at the same level without visible swings. This is due to the fact that, despite the need to develop domestic and entry tourism, Visiting tourism in Russia prevails over entry. Tourism firms profit from other countries ' infrastructure and resources, respectively, money flows abroad. Russia can host about 70 million tourists each year, but to date only 30 per cent of the potential is used.

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