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Development Of The Corporate Tourism Market

Business tourism is one of the first destinations in the tourism industry: in ancient times, people have travelled in their finances to stay for nights in the taverns. With the development of the transport industry, including rail, the geography of business tourism has increased markedly. It became unlimited with the emergence of civil aviation, when a person travelled to another country for business tourism.

The business tourism industry has developed in the West (British, France, Germany), but has already gained knowledge quickly in South-East Asia (China, Indonesia, Viet Nam) and North America.

There are two areas in business tourism: the corporate industry and the MICE meeting industry. [1] MICE ' s abbreviations are the original letters of the four English words, which, when decoding, show the directions of the tour data organization (see table 1):

Table 1

MICE-Turism configuration


Meetings (meetings)

Incentives (promotion)

Conferences (conferences)

Events (exhibits, events)

Negotiations with partners, meetings, training and seminars for dealers and other business-to-business options. The right organization forms a large part of the company's image.

Incentive tours to thank clients, staff and partners. Greatly motivate collectives, strengthen corporate values and positively influence work.

Organization of seminars, conferences, exhibition visits, for which effective results are important.

Organization of mobile corporate holidays and tours.

MICE-Industry includes a wide range of activities, ranging from dissemination and promotion of information, the development of an entertainment programme or content to technical support for the meeting. Accordingly, specialists in this field are always required.

In Russia, the MICE-Turism industry has developed relatively recently and is now very rapidly developing. High standards of service in this area have been brought to our country by the clients themselves, foreign companies that are used to the quality of their home service. It is English that the term “Business Travel” has been translated into Russian as “Bellow tourism”. [1]

Business or corporate tourism is business assignments, participation in conferences, seminars, trainings, and insensitive tourism (promoting visits), organization of corporate events (see figure 1).

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