гранты на развитие туризма

Grants For Tourism Development In Roses 2016

Alla Manila: " The Russian Ministry of Culture is developing a system of grants to support rural tourism "

On 7 April, the plenary meeting of the All-Russian Conference on Rural Tourism Development, held in Yaroslavla, presented experiences in developing rural tourism in different regions of the country.

" Rural tourism is a global trend that has a great prospect, as stated by the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Alla Manila. In a number of countries, rural tourism has been promoted for decades. Russia is lagging behind in this regard, and it is therefore essential to analyse and systematize the experience that is being developed at different ends of the country. Rural tourism does not require much investment, but it has great social significance. This is often the only tool to preserve remote human settlements. The issue of grant support for such initiatives is therefore under consideration.”

The heads of the federal agency also noted that such support to local tourism entrepreneurs, in addition to cultural and economic importance, would be a " important tool for preserving rural populations and unique rural livelihoods " .

At a plenary meeting of the entire Russian Conference, Alexander Shilov, Vice-President of the Government of the Jaroslava Region, made a presentation on the synergies between agriculture and tourism. He described the region ' s achievements in that regard.

" Good examples are the farm in the village of Maksimov, the settlement of the Rybin district, the eco-rancho in the Mashkin region, the project " Agrotourism in the country of the yakker " in the Gavrilov Yam district, and Alexander Shilov spoke. Today, there are some 20 sites in the Jaroslava region. It is important for the development of territories and agriculture and receives the necessary support from both the federation and the region.”

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