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Key Challenges To Rossia Tourism Development

Modern Economy, N 4 (44), 2012

Assistant to the State University of Management (M. Moscow)
The article is devoted to identifying the main problems of developing domestic tourism in Russia. It is concluded that there is a need for action by the State, such as creating an enabling environment for investors, reducing bureaucratic barriers, developing a methodology for the accounting of statistical information. Organizations in this field should focus on middle class and promote recreational culture
Key words: Internal tourism, cost of services, service level
UDC; BC 65.3 Page 368 - 371

Although the tourism industry has been receiving increasing attention from both the Government at the federal and regional levels and from the business, potential investors and an increasing number of Russians, Russia ' s domestic tourism figures are relatively low.
According to WCIM, between 2005 and 2011, more than half of the country ' s population, namely, 52 to 58 per cent of Rossians remained at home during their leave and did not leave [3].
The weakness of the population in the area of organized internal tourism also confirms the pattern of sales of travel agencies in Moscow: 85 per cent overseas tours and 15 per cent Russian [10].
This is due to existing problems in the industry with regard to housing, transport, personnel and marketing, as well as public regulation.
Tourism development in the Russian Federation The Federation is one of the most common topics of scientific articles and work on the Russian tourism industry.
In spite of this, we believe that the main problems of internal tourism development in the Russian Federation should be summarized and identified, noting the trends and ways in which they are addressed.
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