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Palomanic Tourism

Традиции паломничества в России весьма давниеPilgrimage is difficult to compare with traditional tourist routes. Being in holy places, the pilgrim doesn't just think about the road "too-haired" but has a high spiritual purpose.

Let's go.

Palomic Russian tours can be divided into two varieties: short one-day, e.g. " day off " , in Podmoskovje, and many days. The latter usually take three to seven days, a maximum of 12. In this case, the road involves either a journey on the heating or a road to the far corners of the country - Tobolsk, Catherineburg or Altai.

В ДивеевоKnow that a successful palmnical tour should be as complete and logical as possible. If you go to Ekaterinburg or Tobolsk, it'll be better to visit all known holy Ural.

Let's see the example of this route. We're going from Moscow to Tobolsk. The road will take about two days, a couple more days to examine the main features. Next, the road to Catherineburg, but it's on the bus. After that, it is logical to go to Perm and visit the famous Belogorje monastery, which some call the Ural Afon. So you can visit the holy places of Central and North Ural.

Соловецкий монастырьConsider that most of the tours are designed to be one or two liturgy. The pilgrims often come to a place tonight so it's time to keep the universe and sleep. Don't forget the nutritional characteristics: Observance of the environment and Fridays, posts.

One of the important practical points is hotel accommodation. Such facilities are very uneven in our country. Most pilgrims live in low-cost hotels, but sometimes they just don't. Then either you have to pay for the hotel or (if possible) stay at night in the private sector or in the monastery.

Choose direction.

Pilgrims are mostly sent to the Northwest and the Russian Centre. That is not surprising, as this part of the country is best developed, has a rich history of the emergence of Christianity in Russi and its further development. Many travel on the Golden Ring, Kursk, Zadonsk to the Lipetsk region, to the famous and very popular tourist village of Divaevo in the Below City region.

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