Куда поехать на отдых в России

Rest In Winter

South Ural

Nature and climate:

The largest southern part of the Ural Mountains has been through many climatic belts. In late December - early January, the mean temperature ranges from -15 to -18 degrees. Winter, like the terrain, is not soft: snow and freezing. Owing to the wide range, it is easy to meet almost all the forest representatives, from burunduka to cubana salmons. In winter, they say a white polar ow comes in.

Do what?

As the mountains cover the entire territory of Chelabin province up to the adjacent border of Bashkortostan, the most reasonable solution will be to use this, from the undeprived tourist colonite of giant sanctuaries, hidden by horses to extreme mountain skies and snow trips. The most vivid route appears to be the Kraka-Tau Ridge, as well as the Kaga and Agidel rivers.
Special attention should be paid to the South Ural Reserves. The original paleolithic man's sketches are to go to Capa cave, the White River in the Sulgan-Tash Reserve. When you start dark, turn on the Mammont Gate, it's right in the cave approach - you can see a shadow in the light gambling that reminds a mammont with a decommissioned hobo. There is, however, the only place left on the ground where the bee is still on board when bees live in trees. It's gonna be stupid to give up a cup of hot tea with grass and honey. To be cured after the holiday powers can be found in Krasnousolsk, more accurately, in a single-name sanatorium with filth and spa. It's where the mineral water is simulated.


10,000 roubles per person for 3-5 days.


The winter on the Kolo Peninsula, almost completely lying behind the polar circle, sets a polar night. The weather is relative to warm, wind and snow. The average temperature of January is 6 degrees Celsius and reaches 10 on the coast. The island ' s radar is full of mountains and vaginas, and the plains of the plains are smashing with swamps and multiple lakes. The islands wore the White and Barent Seas. The island ' s waters are rich in a variety of fish species.

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