развитие культурного туризма в

Rossi Cultural Tourism Development

2.1. The characteristics of cultural tourism in our country. The notion of innovation in tourism

If a man reaches knowledge, he needs to be awakened.

Russia certainly has the most powerful tourist resources, but it currently accounts for only 1 per cent of the world ' s tourism product. So it's the development of tourism, the lack of a new tourism product and a new, qualitatively different, modern tourism infrastructure.

Cultural tourism is now the most popular. Culture is the fundamental foundation for the development, preservation and strengthening of the independence and identity of peoples. At this point, the main problem is tourism in Russia is the development of entry tourism. Many people, even with certain knowledge of the history of Russian land, have always wondered: what can we show?

Of course, in the words " Greece " , there are clear images of antique temples immediately, Egypt is manipulating us with pyramids, and Rome is a Colise and other world-famous works of architecture and art. Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower and Stonehenge, the statue of Liberty and the Czech old locks. In the eyes of Volgograd, you see Mama's Kurgan, speaking of old Russian cities, the Temples of the Golden Ring appear before the eyes, Peter strikes all his northwest architecture and beautiful palaces around the city. " What's interesting, many say, in our depths? " And only units represent that there are unique archaeological, ethnographic, historical and natural monuments in most areas and areas of Russia.

In recent decades, our country has opened interesting monuments of the paleolith, Neolitha, the bronze era, the early iron age and the Middle Ages, which contain cultural and artistic values that are of aesthetic performance and historical significance comparable to the well-known treasures of world civilizations.

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