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Rossi Social Tourism Development

Scientific work on the theme " The revival and development of social tourism in the Russian Federation " . Scientific article on economic science

DC: 338.484.5
Fedulin Alexandre Alexeiwich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Rector of the WCO WGUTS,
Natalia Vladimirna, head of the commissioning department,
Russian State University for Tourism and Services, Moscow
The development level of social tourism as an integral part of tourism reflects the general state of social sphere in Russia. Despite the government's recent intense attention to this sphere, social tourism still lacks attention. Besides, the aims of social tourism contradict with comprehensive commercialization of tourist activities in Russia. The development of social tourism in Russia and its regions is hindered by practically complete absence of legal support in the sphere. The need for reorganization and improvements in social tourism management system is evident both at the federal and regional levels. To restore social tourism in Russia, new conceptual approaches are needed, based on reasonable balance of national interests, citizens' interests and those of tourism organisations. Foreign experience proves that social tourism practice can be preserved in a market economy as well.
The level of social tourism development, as part of tourism in general, reflects the general social situation in the country. Despite the State ' s close attention in recent years, social tourism has so far been neglected. Moreover, the objectives of social tourism are in conflict with the total commercialization of tourist activities in Russia. Social development in Russia and its regions are constrained by the virtually complete lack of legal security in this area. There is a need to restructure and improve the management of social tourism, both federal and regional. The revival of social tourism will require new conceptual approaches based on a reasonable balance of the interests of the State, its citizens and tourist organizations. Foreign experience shows that social tourism can be maintained in a market economy.

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