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Photo: Global Look Press" constituent

Photo: Global Look Press

RBK analyzed the statistics of 35 countries where Russian tourists were going to rest, and found that during the summer season, Russian turmoil had fallen in all directions, including Egypt. Not only Mauritius

Rubl failed.

The flow of Turks from Russia in all mass areas has been declining steadily since January 2015, as evidenced by foreign statistics from 35 countries (details in photographs). It was only in May and June, as previously reported by the BCF, that the Egyptian budget itself had been revived: in May, the number of Rossians visiting the Kurrts of Jurgada and Sharm el-Sheikh had increased by 14 per cent, to 288,000, in June, by 9 per cent, to 249,000. There has been a short-term positive trend and less popular directions, namely, Montenegro, Viet Nam and Sri Lanka, and the flow to Seychela and Mauritius has also increased (there are no more than 1,5,000 visitors per month). In the most massive summer direction, the Turkish-Russian turmoil in May fell by 28 per cent, to 501,000, to 19 per cent in June, to 653,000, which severely curtailed the revival in some directions.

The revival of Egypt ' s budget and a number of other areas in May and June was due to the reinforcement of the rouble, but then it became cheaper again, which affected the turpot. In March, the average dollar was 60, 4 roubles, while in April (when the Maya holidays were mostly sold), 53, 2 roubles, and in May, only 50, 5 roubles/ (price). " In May, when the ruble was strengthened, the demand immediately revived, and it was hoped that the season would not be as far as originally intended, but in August sales actually stopped " , was told to journalists in September by the President of Natalie Tours, Vladimir Vorobyev.

In July, the number of Russians arriving in Egypt fell by 9 per cent, according to the country ' s statistical agency, to 234,000, to 15 per cent in August, to 231,000. In other mass areas, the downturn was even greater. In July, Turkey ' s tourism tour, according to its Ministry of Tourism, declined by 15 per cent, to 666,000 Rosian, to 18 per cent in August, to 638,000. In Spanish, the fall was even more dramatic: in July, 42 per cent, up to 143,000, in August, 34 per cent, to 171,000. Another key summer route, Greek, is still available until June. Then the turmoil fell by 60 per cent, to 96,000.

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